7 Common Web Design Mistakes that a website development company in Dubai must avoid

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With the ongoing expansion in the use of the internet and smartphones, a website development company in Dubai has seen some huge enhancements in the course of recent years. Yet, there are some top basic slip-ups that web developers are making again and again. We will discuss some common mistakes of website development and how website specialists can avoid harming their site’s general commitment.

Below are the seven web design mistakes that a website development company in Dubai Avoid-

1. Not utilizing user-friendly Web Designs-

Regardless of what working framework your client is utilizing or how the most recent the cell phone is, everyone over the world is utilizing a cell phone and henceforth over half of the searches are directed at tablets and smartphones. Thus, one of the greatest website development botches is that can’t show the images and content appropriately particularly on tablets and smartphones can prompt exceptional misfortunes for your organizations.

As per an analysis, 17% of the world wide’s 876 million sites have been user-friendly designed. Notwithstanding that, as of late Google dispatched a pursuit update that punishes all non-responsive sites in cell phone look so not having a user-friendly interface will make a typical mistake of website design for organizations that create online leads.

2. Contingent upon a Free Website Developer-

There are different stages that provide free services site building which launches a new site within 10 minutes. The main issue with such kinds of administrations is that every single website design includes a lot of lines to the backend code and that makes the site loading slow. Thus, this is a website composition botch that prompts colossal execution issues and limitless mistakes.

In the event that you have a restricted budget, at that point try purchasing a premium website design theme that as of now has an impressive style and attractive look for the site you needed to have. Additionally, there are a huge number of Custom Application Development companies or freelance designers who can assist you in designing a cost-effective custom theme.

3. Not Adding Actual Web Design Elements-

A few sites are totally over-burden with such a large number of functionalities and features while others disregard the essential design components of their site. Having such a large number of customizations can bring about hindering the performance of the site alongside endless mistakes.

The case would be equivalent to banners, videos, images, and different sorts of visual content. Your site must be designed such that it drives the clients’ eye to make a positive activity, for example, mentioning more data, requesting a statement, and so on.

4. Terrible Usage of Sidebars, Headers, and Footers-

Organizations consistently believe that sidebars, headers, and footers are intended for promoting purposes. And it is a major no-no for sites that show a high number of banners and ads when there is no or almost no content to oblige it. Such spaces can be utilized for additional navigation inside the site.

Obviously, we are certainly not saying that it isn’t the ideal spot a standard over the highest point of the page to publicize new advertisements. All things considered, what it implies is that you need to keep in mind the noteworthiness of designing and need to keep up the balance all through the site.

5. Not Providing Enough Customer Information-

A few sites show an excessive number of ads, while some others go through various hours and publicize currency to drive clients to their sites however eventually, those neglect to catch a deal or even a lead. Yet, what are the odds of that customer getting back to the site? Not many. This implies you must invest more money to re-target crusades or different techniques with the goal that you can get your lost client back.

Presently, mistakes in website design can be evaded by designing a landing page select in an offer that your site visitors can see. Regardless of whether it is a coupon for a markdown or free transportation on retail sites, it will get your lost clients back to your site.

6. Not Having Quality Web Design Content-

Standard content has been one of the critical things that probably the best sites have continually been keeping up. Also, truly, there are site proprietors who really spend a huge number of dollars on building an eye-getting site and afterward think about the real content part as a bit of hindsight. This prompts web design mistakes and gives more awful outcomes than anticipated as it is the main method to connect with site clients and enhance conversation rates.

To sort out on the off chance that your content is sufficient in quality or not, at that point simply check your active clicking factor for site visitors. By this, you can surely comprehend whether individuals are seeing numerous pages on your site or simply leaving when they visit your site. Eventually, give top-notch content significance as much as designing a site.

7. Concealing Crucial Information in Web Design-

This is also one of the common mistakes of website design that is making significant data hard to track down. For instance, a landing page ought to have connections to shipping details, return policies, FAQs, and so on. Another indispensable part, for example, services/products and blog page ought to likewise have their further subparts in the menu bar when site visitors access that particular segment.

While making the navigational layout or the sitemap of your site, it is crucial to design it dependent on clients’ necessities and make those pages or data simple to discover.


It very well may be an incredible beginning in case you’re hoping to make a fruitful site. Sometimes, web designers commit simple and not strange errors in website composition. Making an engaging site is basic, in any case, it’s additionally fundamental to make a site that makes you more money. So hire a website development company in Dubai that avoids such kinds of mistakes to drive user engagement and to make a responsive site for your business.

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