Terms of Service

Mighty Warners Technology L.L.C doing business as MegaByte is a Dubai-based company with the registration number: 1436548. Our company provides customers with online marketing services subject to the following terms and conditions. You must comply with these terms and conditions for using this website. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree to these terms, then you must not use the website any further.

Use License:

You are granted permission to make one copy of the information available on the website for your personal use and reference. It is for non-commercial purposes only, and you cannot do any of the following:

  • Make any changes to the website material in any way
  • Utilize the website material, information or data for commercial purposes or public display without getting prior authorization
  • Make any attempts to reverse engineer the software programs used on the website
  • Delete copyright information, trademark signs and logos from the materials on the website
  • Mirror the website materials on a different server or transfer the materials to another person. It is only a use license and not a transfer of rights.

If we find you in violation of any of these terms, then this agreement will automatically be terminated by Megabyte. Once this license is terminated, you must destroy all materials of the website that you possess in any form electronic or printed.

Revisions and Errata:

The materials available on the website may include typographical errors, technical errors, or even photographic mistakes. We do not warrant that the materials available on the website are free of mistakes and errors. We regularly update our website to correct any errors that we may be aware of. These revisions take place without prior notice. We aim to provide you with information that is correct and updated, but we do not make any commitments on keeping the website updated all the time.

Third-Party Links:

We place third party links on the website that we find may be useful for our customers. We do not promote or own these third-party websites unless explicitly stated. The links are available only for your ease. Once you click on any of the links and reach a new website, then the terms of use of the third-party website will be applicable for anything that you do on that website. Please click on the links at your own discretion.

Megabyte’s terms of service:

Our services are provided to our clients on the basis of these terms of service, which the client must agree and comply with. As a client, you engage Megabyte to provide you with the services outlined in the work agreement signed by both parties. These services are delivered in compliance with the following terms:

  1. Authority to enter into this agreement
  • Should warrant and consent to having complete authority to enter into this agreement. The contract is signed only by representatives who have absolute authority to make decisions and have full power to sign the agreement.


  1. Independent status of the parties
  • Parties operate independently and have an individual status. Neither parties will be considered as an employee, an affiliate, agent, collaborator, or joint venture. We will work in the capacity of a contractor or vendor providing digital marketing services to your company. Neither parties will be positioned in a relationship which imposes liability on the other party.


  1. Assigning a representative
  • will assign a representative who will be available as a single point of contact for all queries, concerns, and issues with the services provided to you. At the same time, you must assign a representative that can be approached as a single point of contact. The account representatives should be acceptable to each party. Regular reports will be shared with your account representative, and any approvals or requirements will also be communicated to the account representative.


  1. Setting service standards
  • will use the most commercially viable solutions available and make reasonable efforts in meeting the service standards of the industry.


  1. Compliance with the law
  • must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in executing the agreement and its obligations.

Billing and payment:

Fees – The fee terms will be communicated in writing by our company as a part of the work agreement. We will begin providing our services to your company only after the work agreement has been approved and signed. This will confirm that you agree to the fee terms outlined in the agreement.

Approval of expenditures and campaign materials – We will obtain your approval before making any expenditures. We will also take your approval before releasing any material or sensitive information of your account to any third party as a part of providing you our services. An email will be considered as a sufficient form of approval.

Payments – You will receive an invoice on a <monthly/weekly> basis for the services rendered to your company in the previous month/week. These will include invoices for media purchase and third-party media costs. You take responsibility to reimburse Megabyte for all expenses paid by Megabyte on your behalf. We are not responsible for any fees or charges accrued due to the failure of making the payments in a timely manner.


We will share weekly reports to track successfulness of campaigns and costs involved in the campaigns run by Megabyte on your behalf.


During the term of the work agreement, both parties may have access to confidential information regarding the other party. Such confidentiality should be maintained and protected. Neither of the parties will use such confidential for their own benefit or for the benefit of any third party. Both parties will also ensure that any confidential information is disclosed on when required. Confidential information will not be disclosed to third parties if they do not require such information. Additionally, any confidential information disclosed to the third parties will be done under obligation of a non-disclosure agreement that binds the third party to protect such information.

When the work agreement comes to an end then both parties must deliver all confidential information available with them to the other party. They may maintain any copies for the sole purpose of maintaining an archive. This archived information cannot be used for any other purpose.

Ownership of the work product:

Once all payments are cleared, you will have complete ownership of the product. You will own the rights, titles, and the interest in all intellectual property and work product created or designed by Megabyte during the period of the work agreement.

Limited authority to act:

You grant Megabyte the limited authority to act on your behalf as an online marketing services provider for your company.

Use of names or trademarks and advertisements:

You grant us with a non-exclusive license to use your trademarks and logos and other proprietary materials for advertisements and for creating personalized media for marketing purposes. The use of such proprietary materials will be subject to prior approval. We will proceed only after receiving your approval for using such materials.

Governing Law

By using this website and our services, you agree to the above terms and conditions and will comply with them. Any disagreements with the terms of use will be governed by the laws of Dubai.