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Have you spent much time and effort into building your brand reputation online? It is true for every business. However, how would you feel when your disgruntled customers have left slanderous comments on your website, forum, or any other platform? Those comments could cause a blemish to your hard-earned reputation.

Now, you have come to the right platform to regain it. At MegaByte, we are a team of online reputation management professionals in Dubai, aimed at helping any business.

The online world is volatile. Today, you may be in a strong position. But you can never predict what is waiting for you tomorrow. We know that it is frustrating for a brand to find damage to its reputation and status.

As your potential customers always check out your reputation to gain trust, it is essential to invest in our ORM services. Whether there are misguided comments or negative online activities, we aim to develop positivity in your online image. Unpleasant comments and reviews not only affect your brand impression but also lower your position in the SERP result.

Online Reputation Management Services in UAE

When you have overlooked your business reputation, you can miss several opportunities. The negative search result would also cause more than a 20 percent drop to your business. We apply our thoughtful techniques for repairing your online reputation. After analyzing the reviews and search results for your brand, we choose the best methodology for reputation repair service.

There are various ways in which we accomplish the task. We may need to remove negative comments from online search results and any other source. We also team up with the hosting agencies and web publishers to remove the disparaging comments. Some contents are also removable from Google. For instance, these are copyrighted contents and the contents, violating the search engine rules.

Manage Your Online Reviews with Our ORM Service

Most of the customers read reviews before making any decision. Our comprehensive review management solutions include lots of activities-

  • Rating improvement
  • Constant monitoring
  • Active review
  • Split-test of messages to ensure higher conversion rate

We are always ethical in our reputation management tactics. That’s why we never write any fake reviews for your business.

Apart from checking online reviews, we track negative comments before they are posted. Moreover, we also manage Google, TrustPilot, and Yelp reviews and several other review platforms.

We think that when there are bad ratings and reviews, there are reasons for them. Our team helps any company to identify that root cause by sending a response to the customer. You may use the information to increase the customer fulfillment rate.

We encourage your satisfied customers to leave positive comments. Similarly, our team directs the dissatisfied ones to you to let you solve their issues.

Hire Us to Build Your Brand Rapport

We know that it is tough for you to restore your position from a bad reputation. At the same time, it is also challenging to develop a reputation for a new brand. We create your brand reputation by creating a Wikipedia page and Google My Business Page.

With the development of more public views on your business, you can build a reputation. Our team knows how 4-star ratings and 5-star ratings cause a difference to the business revenue.

Why Hire Us for Reputation Management Online?

Best Out Comes


Our dedicated team is confident of the proven methodology, applied for online reputation.

Our Tactics


Before starting your ORM campaign, our reputation management team assesses your status and creates the best scheme for achieving the desired result.



We know the value of the privacy of your business data. We never disclose it without your consent.



We look for innovative technologies for ORM service. Our team knows about algorithmic updates of the search engine and social media.

Thus, we are sincere in protecting your brand reputation in Dubai. You may keep up a relationship with us for constant management of your company’s reputation.

Now, you may hire our team for building, analyzing, and managing your reputation. During the analysis, we would find out whether we would be able to delete negative comments. We also estimate about the time needed for repairing your business reputation. Our ORM team based in Dubai gives you a leap over your competitors by improving your business reputation in Dubai and other parts of UAE.