How to Avoid 10 Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO

Web Design Mistakes

Learn these most well-known web design mistakes that might be harming your SEO endeavors and your rankings – and how to stay away from them. Web development and design services are valued diversely by various companies. If you need a fast and simple site, you may very well want to hire a web design agency Dubai or a web development Dubai company and letting them handle it.

Below are some of the most well-known web design mistakes that might be harming your SEO endeavors and your rankings – and how to maintain a strategic distance from them.

1. Helpless Website Navigation-

Ever visit a site and do not understand what to do after that?

You know, something like this. I wager it made them run for the slopes in alarm. You don’t need your site visitors to do likewise.

Isn’t that so?

Instead, it will assist if you had them to know clearly what to do initially. Also, it would help if you had Google’s web crawlers to comprehend your webpage. To accomplish this, make a point to organize inner connecting between your significant pages.

2. Slow Page Load Speed-

Individuals in the online world are moving at lightning speed. They’re continually flashing through various social media platforms, pounding endlessly at emails, and zooming past a considerable amount of nonexclusive features on the SERPs.

This implies if they set aside the effort to tap on your site, and it always takes to load, they will be gone before you know it. There are different sites with similar data you have. Ensure your pages load in three seconds or less. The terrifying part is the lovely WordPress topic you painstakingly chose may be the explanation your site takes an unending length of time to load.

3. A non-mobile-friendly Site-

Ever meet somebody who said to you that he didn’t possess a cell phone?

If you have, I wager you had a vast amount of inquiries for this individual. Since in all actuality, we anticipate that everybody should claim a cell phone. There 275 million cell phone clients in the U.S.

If your site isn’t updated for versatile, anticipate that it should be undetectable in the SERPs. Also, site visitors are 5x bound to leave a non-mobile-friendly website. Yet, don’t stress. It would take a couple of changes to make your website mobile-friendly.

4. Missing H1 Tags (Mainly on the Home Page)-

Your H1 tag is the main thing search engine crawlers search to enable them to figure out what your website is all about. Your site will, without a doubt, fall in the SERPs.

Be that as it may, including an H1 tag is something other than satisfying Google. It helps your site visitors too. Initially, you know precisely what the site is all about.

5. Enormous media and images files-

Are you enticed to pack your site with excellent pictures?

I get with you. We want all adoration of our locales to resemble this. Or then again this. Furthermore, that is extraordinary.

Yet, did you realize that enormous pictures and media records can back your site off? To ensure this isn’t going on, run your site through Google’s PageSpeed Insights Test.


some common web design mistakes that hurt search engine optimization, you must avoid. The web design of your site is the most crucial aspect in helping you close more sales.

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