Google is Launching a New Video Series: Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks

Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks

Google is bringing a few of its top backers together without precedent for another arrangement of recordings. 

No, it’s not called “Google: Endgame” – this hybrid occasion is called Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks. 

The arrangement will highlight introductions from the following members of Google team:

  • Martin Splitt – Google Developer Advocate
  • Daniel Waisberg – Google Search Advocate
  • John Mueller – Google Search Advocate
  • John Brown – Publisher Policy Outreach Lead

Google’s cluster guarantees abbreviated talks that square measure hitherto filled with information.

These square measure discussions that might generally incline at Associate in a Nursing in-person meeting, all the same, all Google Webmaster Conference occasions square measure born till more notification.

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Google is doing what various different meeting coordinators do well currently, which is to transfer its occasion on the online.

Their square measures some key contrasts, obviously, as these discussions don’t seem to be live and no duty tour is needed.

“With our physical Webmaster Conference occasions on hold, we tend to square measure desperate to gift to you another arrangement {including|as we tend toll as|together with} meeting vogue talks we commonly convey at Webmaster gatherings around the globe.”

Portions of Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks are going to be transferred to the Google Webmasters channel on YouTube, wherever they’ll be seen whenever.

This is what each colleague focus on in up and coming back recordings

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WMConf Lightning Talks Full Playlist

Topics are covered in Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks-

  • Links and Javascript-

Talks from Martin Splitt will concentrate on themes, for example, connections and JavaScript. 

Splitt is maybe most popular for his SEO Mythbusters arrangement where he acquired and had conversations with individuals in the SEO people group. 

Splitt as of late wrapped up a progression of recordings on JavaScript SEO, which is accessible to watch on the Google Webmasters channel. 

Of late, Splitt has been facilitating his own adaptation of Webmaster Hangouts devoted to inquiries regarding JavaScript and SEO.

  • HTTPS-

Talks from John Mueller will be barely centered on HTTPS just, as indicated by the dispatch video. 

That is intriguing, considering Mueller’s skill expands well past HTTPS and site security. 

Shockingly, Mueller has just delivered recordings on a wide assortment of themes, and he keeps on facilitating live recordings where you can ask him anything. 

Maybe this is a sign HTTPS hasn’t been getting the consideration it needs, so Mueller is sparkling a focus on it in this new arrangement.

  • Structured data and search console-

Waisberg will convey chats on organized information and Google Search Console. 

Waisberg is a moderately new face on the Google Webmasters channel, at any rate, contrasted with John Mueller and Martin Splitt. 

As of late, we’ve been considering him to be a host on Google’s Search Console Training video arrangement. 

It would seem that he will adhere to that equivalent subject matter in the new Lightning Talks arrangement.

  • Google monetized policies-

Talks from Brown will concentrate on Google adapted arrangements. 

Earthy colored is the Head of Publisher Policy Communications at Google and is a fresh out of the plastic new face on the Google Webmasters channel. 

Be that as it may, he is no more peculiar to the pages of the Search Engine Journal.


I have discussed about Google’s new video series: Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks, in which professionals from different fields will cover some important topics that I have mentioned in the above article. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Comment your queries and suggestions in the comment box given below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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