SEO Mythbusting: A Newest Google Video Series on Search Engine Optimization

SEO Mythbusting: A Newest Google Video Series on Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Mythbusting is the newest series launched by google recently, to help small businesses in maximizing their digital marketing business opportunities and consumers reach, it will also help in learning the basics and also advanced concepts of SEO and different ways of utilizing various important Google search tools. It can be helpful for knowing or learning trends and how to grab the opportunities for the marketers by getting themselves updated through relative Google ads (Google AdWords).

In this series, google will answer questions that have been asked related to the same, it will clear the misconceptions about SEO and developers, etc. There are a lot of myths like SEOs and developers can’t work together easily and speak the common language. It has also been written by google in the description of the video that “SEO can be a bit of Black Box”. 

You can watch this series (animated) on YouTube on its official page “Google Webmasters”. Martin Splitt from the team of Google webmaster trends will talk to SEOs and various developers about common questions asked by people and on common misconceptions also. 

In the episode first of SEO Mythbusting series, Martin Splitt speaks with Juan Herrera about the basics of SEO-

Below are the questions discussed in the first episode of Google’s new series- SEO MythBusting

  • What do you understand by search engines?
  • What is crawling?
  • What are the things to do to make a site discoverable?
  • Why is it essential to have your website visible in the top result of a search engine?
  • How does google determine which results are useful or relatable to which users?

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