How to Utilize Affiliate Marketing Strategy on Your Blog

Affiliate Marketing strategy

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money online by simply creating a blog and using this strategy. You need an Affiliate account and enough information on utilization of this marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing tips will help you in understanding the concept of method. 


Affiliate Marketing is the strategy by which you can sell products and services of any company through your blog and can get a commission on every sold product. You can select a company by yourself and products as per your choice. It is a good source of passive income also. Or we can say, it is the strategy that can be viewed as the way toward spreading item creation and item promoting across different sites and blogs, where every time, when a consumer goes to the site through your blog and purchases anything, then the bloggers get a portion of the income as per their commitment.  

Steps to start Affiliate Marketing on your blog

  1. You should have a blog first, on which you want to use this marketing strategy if you don’t have then create a new one (which costs you nothing).
  2. Now you can personalize your blog by selecting different free or premium templates.
  3. You can do affiliate marketing in two ways, either service-wise or product-wise. Choose the category according to yourself.
  4. Now you need to have an affiliate account, and you can create this account through Amazon, Flipkart, etc. (You can choose the company or industry in which you want to do this marketing and also some of the digital marketing agency provide.
  5. After that, you can create a post on your blog of product or service (by adding title, content, visuals, etc.)
  6. Now add affiliate links to your posts through which visitors can go to the company’s site and buy that product or service (Both text and images links are available you can choose them by your choice).

Note:  For more information and tips, you can see 7 Affiliate Marketing Tips to follow in 2020.


Today there are various marketing ways to earn money online. This method is one of those easy ways to make money online. I have discussed a brief description and steps to start affiliate marketing on your blog. I hope you like this information, which I have shared, and if you have any doubts and queries regarding the same, post the comment in the comment section. We will get back to ASAP. 

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