5 Best SEO Tools To Use In 2020 By Digital Marketing Agency

5 Best SEO Tools in 2020

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools look over the Prospective of different pages on the web for high positioning on search engine ranking pages.

If we optimize our content of the webpages according to the search engine algorithm, then the ranking of our website will get higher.

List of 5 best SEO Tools in 2020 Along with Their Key Features Given Below:-

1. SEMrush (Having more than 5 million users)

It is an SEO service providing company that sells subscriptions of different SEO tools and Marketing analytics. It is one of the top SEO tools available on the market today. It also tracks the optimization of your site. SEMrush is available in both free and premium plans.

Key Features –

  • Back-link Checker- Gives the back-links of the profiles of different sites.
  • Keyword Search- Tracks the keyword on various search engines.
  • Product Listing Ads-
  • Audience Insight- Tracks the input given by users on different search engine feedback of the users.
  • Traffic Analysis- Can track more than 200 various sites at a time from a manual list.
  • Organic Research- To give more than one input for the same thing and analyse.

2. Google Search Console

Google itself provides an SEO tool called Google search console, which helps you to push your site’s ranking higher. This SEO tool provides a detailed report by examining the different things like site traffic and other issues related to security or duplicate content etc. and fix all those errors. You can even utilize its Plug-in (Yoast SEO Plug-in) if you are using a WordPress Website.

Key Features –

  • Freely available and charges is null.
  • Performance monitoring among different sites.
  • Control Centre – Provides daily management and fixes errors if it occurs.
  • Communication Channel- Provides information about different site’s issues.
  • Technical Status Update.
  • Crawl the site’s data, find bugs, and fix issues.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools available today and has the best user-friendly interface. After Google, it is the second-best and fastest web crawler.

It examines the similar sites and track keywords and compares content and makes an analysis report of different loopholes and security threats and modules which need improvement.

Key Features –

  • Content Explorer- It allows you to find the best content on the same topic from among different sites.
  • Backlink Checker- Gives the Backlink profile of the site you want.
  • Rank Tracking- Keeps Tacking your site’s ranking among different similar websites.
  • SEO Audit- Gives SEO Structural and issues as a result.
  • SEO Monitoring- Optimization of site’s visibility and ranking
  • Keyword Research- Track keywords to monitor your site’s ranking

4. WooRank (Having more than 1 million registered users)

WooRank is an automated SEO tool that examines your website and looks over the issues and gives quick feedback. It checks SEO strategy for your website by checking loopholes and bugs etc. Trach different keywords and search opportunities and make a report for your website.

Key Features –

  • 14 Days free trial (The premium account starts with $59.99 monthly charges)
  • Provides a detailed analysis of any site, including on and off-page factors.
  • SEO monitoring- Optimization of site’s ranking and visibility.
  • WooRank Extension-Available for both Firefox and google chrome browser in plugin form.
  • Keyword tracking tool- Tracks keywords among different search engines, which helps in increasing your website ranking.
  • Site Crawl (Helps to remove duplicate content from the site and find bugs and errors and check if there is any security loopholes and debug or fix all those errors)

5. Screaming Frog

This SEO tools is mainly famous for site crawling. It is available in free mode with limited features but can access advanced functions by using a premium account. It helps to improve on-site SEO and your site’s ranking on the search engine.

Key Features-

  • Fetch information with the X Path injection method.
  • Crawl URL fragments.
  • Back-link Optimization.
  • Testing Robot.txt Files.
  • Analyzing Internal Linking.
  • Find Broken Links- Finding loopholes
  • AJAX Crawling.


Utilizing the best SEO tool helps you to improve your site’s performance and improve your site’s ranking also. By using these tools, you can monitor different competing sites and optimize your site’s content. And you can utilize a free trial of these SEO tools and can compare yourself which tools are better for you.

These are the 5 best seo tools in 2020 that also used by digital marketing agency in Dubai and all over world.

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