The Great Reveal of SEO in 2021: Stop chasing Algorithms and Start Following Guidelines

SEO in 2021

The guidelines SEO in 2021, which the search engines follow are pretty much consistent over the years. It includes content that is rich in information, relevancy, is helpful and authoritative. All these are essential requirements to make content useful. But apart from the guidelines, there is one aspect that changes with time– the algorithms. Although it is true that algorithms do adjust, adapt, and sometimes even rollback.

However, because of these changes, some webmasters and companies get a panic attack. But are you sure of chasing these algorithms? Will they bring any good if you ignore the guidelines? To answer these questions, we are here with the topic- The Great Reveal of SEO in 2021: Stop chasing Algorithms and Start Following Guidelines. We hope you will find this article helpful.

What should marketers consider for SEO in 2021?

To make the website’s content informative, consistent, reliable, and fact-rich, marketers should make sure of certain things related to SEO in 2021. They are:

  • Before starting with the new ones, look at the previously available content on the website and upgrade it.
  • Try to comprehend what people are searching for and serve them with the relevant information by using general keywords typed in by them in the search box.
  • Inculcate authoritative and trustworthy internal and external links.
  • Provide the audience with solutions by giving them accurate and in-depth knowledge.  
  • The content not only incorporates the written part of the website, but it also includes images, videos, infographics, reviews, etc.; therefore, do keep a check on them too.  

If you still think that one can rank websites by simply chasing the unstable algorithms, you are dead wrong. These guidelines must be followed, or else even the algorithms will not save you.  Although the tasks mentioned above can be done by yourself, you can surely take help from an SEO agency if you lack time.

Search engine guidelines for SEO in 2021

Before diving into the search engine guidelines, let us briefly understand its meaning.

Search engine guidelines are just like the beginner’s guide. They help in guiding or directing the webmasters. With these guidelines, the website operators can easily rank their websites.

And not only this, but the guidelines also provide the ‘dos’ and the ‘don’ts.’ If one ignores the prohibited activities, it can cost permanent suspension from the search engine’s index.

Two Basic Search Engine Guidelines:

1.    Fulfillment of user intent

Rather than running behind algorithms and trying to deceive the search engine, concentrate on meeting user intent. While searching, every searcher intends to find an ideal solution. If your website pages do not provide the searcher with a possible solution, it won’t show up in the searches.       

The main purpose of SEO in 2021 is to serve the best content quickly, that too, in the desired format.

Common types of user intent are:    

  • Transactional- when the user is searching for something to buy.
  • Navigational- when the user is trying to search for a particular website.
  • Informational- when the user types in a query and is expecting an answer for the same.

To get a glimpse of user intent, you can also use desired keyword(s) to search and evaluate the current SERP. Moreover, you will also come across the ranking competitors.

2.    Understanding the Business goals

Every business comes into existence with a different set of goals. No two businesses are similar, and the same goes for their websites. Understanding will help you to determine which SEO areas need your focus. Plus, how you should set benchmarks, and where you should track the conversions. With this, you can even create negotiating or discussion points for a project. Furthermore, the Key Performance Indicators will assist in measuring the return on SEO investment also.


We hope this article was informative enough to stop you from randomly throwing arrows and running after the algorithms. Anyhow if you need any kind of help, you can contact any agency providing SEO services.

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