How to modify your website without affecting SEO services in Dubai?

How to modify your website without affecting SEO services in Dubai?

The basic thing that any search engine optimization thinks when a customer says “I’m updating my site” is what effect will it have on the entirety of my work? On these occasions, frequently the customer doesn’t consider informing their search engine advertising company regarding the update until 2 days before dispatch. This asset will hold the information about how to do search engine optimization analysis on your test website/advancement site to guarantee the URLs, structure, Meta Descriptions, Page Titles, and all the more all coordinate appropriately.

Why consider SEO in a redesign?

For what reason is it critical to appraise your search engine optimization during a site’s redesigning? To put it plainly, you are having a great deal to lose. Suppose your site’s doing extraordinary. Rankings are solid, natural traffic is streaming and income is developing. Would you truly like to fix such difficult work? In any case, by deduction deliberately, you can accept the open door to improve a site’s presentation after an overhaul. That is the thing that this customer did: Organic Performance.

As should be obvious, a consistent increment in your site traffic accompanied (from the red hover) in any event, when the re-ordering stage is going on. In the event that you do an update right, you won’t lose any rankings or traffic; indeed, you’ll gain them.

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Stage 1 – Consider the search engine optimization-

The primary thing you should do is consider SEO. Again and again, customers do not finish to observe the SEO effect of changing their site. They toss away important content from verifiable pages or conclude it would be a smart thought to totally change each and every URL without diverting the previous ones.

This just happens in light of the fact that they misjudge how Google et al. peruse a site and how URLs hold believability.

Stage 2 – Crawl the current site

For what reason do I have to slither my site?

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea what your site’s structure resembles now, you’ll set yourself up for a monstrous fall. Snatching the design, URLs and Meta information is crucial to distinguishing precisely what and why it is changing.

Step by step instructions to perform this-

Your SEO slither will provide you a guide of how your whole site is as of now set out. It is the most ideal approach to get this information is to utilize an apparatus such as Screaming Frog. When you got the present site’s Meta structure and data, you will realize how to coordinate the new website up.

Stage 3 – Inspect the previous old website-

The text that you have to do is, you have to review the website. Free instruments such as WooRank will carry out the responsibility, however I unequivocally encourage you to get your hands grimy and physically accomplish the work by your own. There’s in no way such as getting into the low down of your website to discover any difficult regions.

Why review the website?

You have to realize what search engines don’t and like in your website. This can assist you in detecting any issues zones, notwithstanding empowering you to look which zones must be held.

What am I searching for?

Here are some of things we check at Liberty. At times it will give benefit when we check again, yet these are high level checks:

Utilizing your Screaming Frog information, I prefer checking the things mentioned below:

Copy H1 labels

Missing Meta portrayals

Meta depictions more than 923 pixels


Picture alt text

Missing page-titles

Page-titles more than 512 pixels

Page-titles under 200 pixels

Copy page titles

Missing H1 labels

Various H1 labels

Copy Meta depictions

Sanctioned labels

Broken inner/outside connections

You ought to likewise physically check for:


Copy content

Pages ordered by Google

Website speed and execution

Pages recorded by Google

URL structure

Site speed and execution utilizing Google’s Page Speed Tools

XML sitemap

This information provides you a decent comprehension of what the site’s progressing nicely and zones for development.

Stage 4 – Noindex your test website

For what reason do we have to no-index?

This level is basic, yet it’s where many upgrades go amiss.

In case you’re taking a shot at your website that you are going to test, the exact opposite thing you need is for “Google et al.” to list it. On the off chance that you’ve included an extraordinary new substance, it will get filed. At that point when you dispatch the new site, the new substance will have no worth since it will be copied.

Stage 5 – Crawl the test site

For what reason would it be advisable for me to slither the test website?

You additionally need to see how your test website is organized. Utilizing a website crawler, slither the test website again to perceive what it looks like in contrast with your present site.

Stage 6 – Analyse Your Information

What we are searching for?

Since we’ve done all the slithers, we have to run the XLS sheet named “Last Crawled Test Site” given in Screaming Frog. Now you should watch a great deal of information.

To begin with, erase the line over the top called “Inward HTML”. At that point do likewise for the “2,” number and if this is a clear column. You ought to have the headings:




Status code

Title 1

Meta description

Meta key-phrase 1

Title 1-pixel width

Meta description having width of 1-pixel

H1-1 length


Meta catchphrases 1 length



Accepted connection component 1



Word tally



Outer layouts

A portion of these has the “1” number close to them, implying that there is just one. On the off chance that a portion of yours is having 2 number close to them, at that point, you have a few of these. The components you shouldn’t have a “2” number on are as per the following:

  • Meta portrayal
  • Meta catchphrases
  • Title
  • Standard tag

With this, we’ll start recognizing what changes should be made.

Go to the header named Status Code, then click the channel symbol, and choose code 200. This will display all the URLs that are properly working. You may see “Association Timed Out” on a portion. This could be on the grounds that Screaming Frog coordinated out. Physically check these. In the event that they work, simply update the sheet; in the event that they do not work, at that point, you’ve distinguished an issue. Tell the engineer these are running out with time. They ought to have the option to recognize a fix.

404 time-

On the off chance that the URL is 404, it implies that the webpage does not exist on the web. So we’ll have to do some things which is as following:

Make this URL on the test worker.

Divert the previous URL to the test worker’s new URL.

Stage 7 – All the extra checks

A position check gauges how the website does for a large group of catchphrases in web crawlers. You’ll utilize this information as an examination for the recently dispatched site. On the off chance that things vary, you can respond and distinguish the issues when you examine the outcomes.

There are other SEO services in Dubai as well that will give you a detailed report for the same by analyzing all the key factors related to your website.

Large developments. On the off chance that a keyword lies from page 1 to 20, you might have an issue. Post for any large or abnormal developments by examining these things:

Did you change the metadata?

Did the URL change?

Has the webpage lost all its available content?

Does it have a no-index tag set up?

Is there a divert set up?


Try not to erase anything you don’t need to erase. You may think your previous blog entries aren’t required, however, they are altogether adding to the validity of your webpage. Without these web journals, you will lose a lump of significant worth.

Thus, presently it is not an opportunity to alter your greeting page content in case you’re right now appreciating nice rankings.

Analytics code-

This is quite plain as day—ensure you put your investigation code back in the <head> part of the website. It is essential to inspect the e-commerce following, objectives, and occasion following in the event that you right now have those setup.

Unblock the site-

It’s an ideal opportunity to examine the new website to check whether it’s permitting web crawlers to list it. Essentially adhere to the converse directions of obstructing the website. Whichever strategy you were using to obstruct it, and do the opposite to unblock. The inability to do this could make enormous issues when you dispatch the new website.


Here’s the agenda I referenced before. In the event that you jumped to this, at that point utilize it as a manual to assist you with doing an upgrade considering SEO.

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