“Yes! If you are thinking that building link will improve your SEO or it main hot sauce of SEO, then you are misguided or deal with outdated SEO knowledge in 2023”


What is SEO?

Again, if you are thinking writing blogs every day like splash then again, the ANSWER is BIG NO. To do SEOIn2023 you need to change your old toilet cleaning paper and first stop writing every day

Before, the main course let’s go with the starter and understand the updated SEO matric by Google;

Understand the update SEO

The word SEO itself explaining. If you are working on SEO and you have read all the digital marketing blogs of SEO experts but still somewhere you believe that there are some hidden secrets which you need to discover, then yes, this time you are right.

After All Curiosity is Mother of All innovation

First remove all obstacles from your mind and start pertaining like person who wants to understand something from English word and that word is SEO;

Decoding Reality of SEO in Words,

  1. SEARCH: Who search on internet? simply the answer is YOU or someone who is looking for information:
  2. ENGINE: Who is the engine here? And what does this mean? Simply the answer is search provider or who act as liaison between the user and provider, and it is GOOGLE + BING etc.
  3. OPTIMIZATION: What is phrase is exactly defining here?

Answer is, How Google is optimizing your data on internet and selecting best one to serve the user. Something that you need to understand is OPTIMIZATION here, and drill down the real question.


If I do time travel and land to 2010 or 2015 the answer would be;

  1. Updated content
  2. More backlinks
  3. High DA & PA
  4. More contents
  5. Fast download
  6. Micro sites
  7. More directories
  8. More Bookmark
  9. More Article submissions
  10. More Blogs
  11. NO 404
  12. H1 H2

AND not just these few but there is much outstanding and outdated SEO knowledge are available on the internet and surprisingly, SO-CALLED SEO experts are following it like Digital Marketing Bible.

But does this add any value in your SEO or in your website?

It may sound disappointing but NO!

I’m not saying these are not SEO part but today in 2023 these SEO tricks will not bring any changes in your WEBSITE RANK!

“The Simple Reason is High Competition”

And everyone is following the same pattern right?

But the fun fact is that competition has not only irritating the user but also killing the peace of mind of all tech giants like GOOGLE & MICROSOFT.

Yes, That’s true.

The new WAR OF AI between GOOGLE & MICROSOFT has created new scope of content generation for users making users work easy.

Soooooooo What?

This is the GOOD NEWS, right?


No another Big NO

The PANDA webmaster wanted people to write, create and share new and updated contents which was the idea to create the competition on internet and making people to spend more time online. Yes, and this is how Google Algorithms works by combining entire network of Google from Google Ad to AdSense.

Now suppose you are able to generate healthy content by AI or Chat-GPT and Google keeps on optimizing it and providing your rank, then I am sure Sundar Pichai will come back to India and Google will announce:

So, the AI ​​war is taking the competition to the next level, and remember it is Google, not Yahoo, Alphabet Inc is loaded enough to develop reserved AI and yes, the Google AI program is under development which will identify Ai generated data and will follow only E-E-A-T Policy.

Soooooo Soon! you may observe SEO slow-down in your RESULT and then NO RANK!



(Yah! you may become SEO theorical faculty who ignore practical assignments)

Hey! Hold-on, We Are Not Here To give YOU


But a practical solution to give you right strategical SEO direction, Yes I Mean it! & Just according to the SEO structure of Google and other search engines!

Now we, don’t want to make you feel like you are watching Interstellar. Hence, let’s catch the solution with points:


  1. INTERNAL BACKLINK KEYWORDS: Due to AI competition, Google will force users to work on website’s article more than submitting or generating links, and this is the proof of why Google accepts internal keyword backlinks.
  2. CONTENT OPTIMIZATION: Yah I can feel smile on you face! Content optimization doesn’t stand for long or 10k words contents it is all about understanding the medium of Google content sources. The medium is the media of Google.
    OK Let me make it easy for you!

When you are writing content make sure that you ping Google by your article and that is only possible when you insert and attach multiple categories of Content, YES. And those categories are actually media of Google,

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Graph
  • FAQ
  • Data explanation
  • Conclusion
  • Feedback

YES ALL THESE ABCD in 1 content, if you are creative then you can do this in less word or more materialistic.

  1. SPEND MORE TIME ON GOOGLE PLATFORMS: Yes Google will ask you ping the webmaster from every platform and medium of Google. For example, Make Video’s for YouTube, Write blog with Blogger, use Google community, YouTube community.
  2. Write blogs on clean platforms like
    a. Medium
    b. LinkedIn
    c. Quora
    d. Weebly
    f. HEXO
    g. Pelican
    h. Postleaf
    i. Gatsby
    And many more!
  3. SUB-DOMAINS FOR SEO: If your plan is to go international but your console is domestic then make sure you create sub-domains as per the geo-target and native contents in native language.
  4. CONTENT MIND MAP: Main topic + Affirmative Topic + Idea + Process + outcomes + conclusion + next, use Semrush to get the mind map of any content like below:
  1. CONSOLE INSIGHT: Use you console result top trending topic
  2. USER SEARCHED TOPIC: Use user most searched topic
  3. CASE STUDY ON DIGITAL MARKETING: Write controversial case studies
  4. WEB MONITOR: Monitor your Top pages, and ranking keywords and hyper-link with next content, if you are not getting any logic to hyperlink the data the DO NOT HESITATE TO WRITE IN THE BOTTOM THAT “READ OUR LAST ARTICLE ON QWERTY” and make it link with keyword.
  5. ORGANIC TRAFFIC LOCATION: Monitor your traffic location and make sure you are not getting ketchup but mayonnaise. If Locations are incorrection then try to reset from the server.
  6. FIND QUALITY TRAFFIC PLATFORM: Even 3 blogs are enough to get rank and visitors, but you need to understand quality platforms to get traffic, yes 2023 is not the time to write articles like CAT’S and DOG, rather this is the time to find out potential traffic platforms on internet and share content on those platforms and keep updating your previous articles:

Do these 12 tricks on 3 months and unlock:

All the best.

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Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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