Important Features of an SEO Optimized Website

Website SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization keeps on upgrading itself; you must keep yourself updated with the latest SEO trends if you want more and more traffic on your website. As we all know, if there is a problem, then there is a solution also. Multiple tools assist you in managing on-site SEO. There are various features of an SEO optimized website. Firstly we will know what Search Engine optimization is?

“Search engine optimization is the way of amplifying the quality as well as quantity for all the methods that you can use to safeguard the visibility of your website and its content or a web page to the users of the web search engine.”

In this blog, we will discuss the important features of an SEO optimized website.

  1. Customization of Title Tags and Meta-descriptions
  2. Proper use of Header Tags
  3. Simple 301 redirects and well-optimized structure
  4. Possess the ability to add analytics
  5. Fast loading of the web pages
  6. Free of plagiarized content
  7. Keyword research
  8. A secure and easy-accessible website
  9. Mobile-friendly website
  10. Usage of adequately tagged images.

Customization of Title Tags and Meta-descriptions

Title tags and Meta-descriptions are the crucial elements of your website’s content. Your website will be that good as it gives the ability to edit the title tags, meta-descriptions, header tags, and URLs. If these tags are not consistent, you can face trouble in monitoring your website on Google. Title tags allow users to quickly view the content of the web page and check whether it is suitable and consistent with their query.

A website that uses titles less than 70 characters and has relevant keywords in it so that users are able to look at your title in one go. The meta description should be properly used. Google, in some cases, uses the summary in search results. It should not more than 160 characters. Some action words are used in meta-description like “Shop Now,” “Book today,” “Read more,” etc. When meta-description is properly optimized, it gets more clicks.

Proper Use of Heading Tags

What will the user see when he opens the web page? It is the heading of the page. If the heading which he is seeing is satisfying his query, he surely clicks on it. There are heading tags that can make your title look catchy. You can also use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 depending upon your requirements. If heading tags, especially the H1 tag, are properly used, then Google search engine aware of the content of your web page.

During the crawling process, the crawler checks out which text is interrelated with your heading by using HTML code. In some cases, the H1 tag and title tag are the same. For example: “ 9 Steps to hiring a digital marketing company for your business” is the same in case of heading tag as well as in title tag.

Simple 301 Redirects and Well-Optimized Structure

Redirects are needed when you are linking one page to another. The condition is your redirects from old ones to new ones keep activated for one year. Simple 301 redirects can possess ranking power to the redirected page. Make sure its structure is optimized. If redirects are not simple, it might result in loss of traffic, and your website may suffer the loss of PageRank as well.

Possess the Ability to Add Google Analytics

During the optimization of the SEO ranking of your website, Google Analytics is a wonderful place to initiate things. It is a free tool to track your data and keywords. It helps you in measuring the traffic on your website. If the result is not in your favor, you can use several measures to make more traffic to visit your website. Google Analytics also assists you in knowing the information regarding which pages and links are most clicked by the users.

Fast Loading of the Web Pages

It is one of the considerable features of an SEO optimized website. We all know, people don’t like the websites that cause a delay in opening up. Even search engines prefer those websites which take less time in loading. Fast loading website is SEO friendly websites. These websites possess the ability to grasp more user interactions in terms of sign-ups, submissions, sales, and many other things.

Free of Plagiarized Content

Google firstly discards the plagiarized content. So be mindful, while providing the content to the website. A website, if unable to give unique or un-plagiarized content, then it doesn’t come under the category of SEO friendly website. If any websites, copies the content of another website, then it makes it impossible for that website to fall under SEO optimized website.

Keyword Research

Proper use of keywords can do wonders. For making SEO optimized websites, make sure you have worked on keywords research first. If you are unable to read the minds of people, that what they are going to search in the search engine and unable to generate quality content, your website fails to attract the visitors. Keywords should have the least amount of competition and good search volume.

A Secure and Easy-accessible Website

People often like webpages or websites that are easy to load and secure. Some website offers multiple sign-ups, chatbots, and many more things. These things can decrease the interest of the people on your website. So make sure your website takes minimum time for loading, and the content of the website should be precise and simple. People don’t feel difficulty in accessing your website.

Mobile-friendly Website

It is easier for people to carry mobile phones rather than laptops. People prefer to search for anything on mobile.

According to Google statements, “ More than 50% of Users are querying more on mobile phones as compared to desktops”. The exact number is unpredictable. It can anywhere between 51%- 60%. Mobiles are becoming the present and the future of the search. The main feature of SEO optimized website is that it is optimized for mobile as well as for desktop.

If you are looking to build an SEO optimized website or already have a website and want to make it SEO friendly, contact MegaByte for enhancing the visibility of your website.

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