How to Use Google Search Console for SEO: A Complete Guide

Google Search Console

This complete guide covers all that you have to think about the key segments of Google Search Console, just as tips on the best way to utilize it. GSC the revolutionary tool widely used by an exponentially diversifying group of business entrepreneurs, app developers, web designers, search engine optimization specialists, and digital marketing professionals.

What reports do you take a gander at in Google Search Console?

Is it the connection to your site?

Or then again, your creep mistakes to check whether you have to actualize any 301 sidetracks?

Do you consider changing your URL boundaries by any means?

You can utilize Google Search Console for nearly everything.

Initially known as Google Webmaster Tools for almost ten years, Google rebranded its set-up of instruments as Google Search Console in 2015. With each New Year, Google has given us new instruments, examination, and information to follow in Google Search Console. Hire the best SEO Dubai companies to get your website’s rank higher on search engines like Google and for the better performance of your site. (a Digital Marketing Agency) that offers various SEO services Dubai like building backlinks or content, website management, enhancing performance, and so on at effective cost.

What you’ll learn about Google Search Console-

To make perusing simpler, this article is partitioned into four areas; each is a focal region inside Google Search Console:


What Is the Overview Report in Google Search Console?

The review report in Google Search Console included three preliminary reports:

  • Enhancement
  • performance
  • coverage

URL Inspection Tool-

What is the URL Inspection tool?

The URL Inspection instrument may be one of my top choices since you get the chance to perceive how Google sees your site. This device permits you to test how Google delivers your site. If you distributed another blog entry or overhauled a page, you can utilize this URL review apparatus to present the URL to motion toward Google to slither that page. It’s like the Fetch as Google device in the old GSC. On the off chance that you click Fetch, you’ll see the HTTP reaction Google is getting.

  • Search result
  • performance

What Is the Search Results Report in Google Search Console?

In the previous version of GSC, the Google Search Analytics report would show a 7, 28, or 90-day outline of how frequently your site shows up in the indexed lists.

On the dashboard, you’d see the information that can be separated into the simultaneous measurements:

  • Date
  • Search Appearance
  • Search Type
  • Devices
  • Countries
  • Pages.
  • Queries.

Google is proceeding to include more search filters. I’ll refresh this article with more highlights as they are included.

Another fantastic new component, Google, delivered another feature of productivity that permits you to open in another tab, copy, or investigate a URL of a site when seeing in this report.

What Reports Can I Build with the Search Results Report in Google Search Console?

The 16 month information is a brilliant method to get a quick outline of your site and substance execution in the SERPs.

In case you’re creating spreadsheets, download this Google Chrome Extension. Trust me; it’s a significant life hack.

You can utilize this information to recognize:

  • Pages with low CTR.
  • Various impressions per catchphrase.
  • Top-performing pages.
  • Various snaps per catchphrase.


In Google Search Console, what is the Discover report?

The Discover report is new to Google Search Console. Google presented the Discover report in April 2019 to give more insight to publishers to how searchers are finding their content.


Regardless of whether you’re searching for index bloat, try to discover if CSS is hindered, or eliminate URLs, the Index reports in Google Search Console can make them turn around and around. I’ve fought everything from low natural traffic to Panda hits as a result of slender substance. The Google Index reports in Google Search Console give information on how your site content is acting in the Google search.

Coverage (the more seasoned variant is Index Status and Crawl Errors)-

How Do I Use the Coverage Report?

In the more established variant of GSC, the Index Status include indicated experiences about your site’s URLs that Google has ordered over the previous year. In the new GSC, the Coverage report likewise shows all your filed pages and all the pages that are excluded from your sitemap.

Sitemaps –

What Is the Sitemaps Report?

Sitemaps can feel like the strange man taken cover behind the green drape. Such a large amount of what you remember for your sitemap, from barring labels to eliminating classifications, can influence your site.

Focus on the report warning of Sitemaps. You can see both of these in the old and new forms of Google Search Console. The Sitemaps report in Google Search Console shares experiences into what’s going on in your site. Indeed, these are mistakes found in your sitemap, yet quite a lot more can be seen from this blunder report.


Being an SEO professional, I utilize the improvements segment in Google Search Console to do a great deal. You need it to reveal the key to getting your organized information working and if your AMP pages are dynamic.

Mobile Usability-

What Is the Mobile Usability Report?

Mobile Usability report has launched by Google in Google Search Console just before the broad declaration of shifting to a mobile-first index.

The Mobile Usability report offers you the chance to investigate any development and mobile issues with versatile.


What Is the Logos Report in Google Search Console? In case you’re utilizing logo markup, this Logo improvement report will show you the exhibition and mistakes related to that markup.

How Do I Fix Logo Report Issues?

Like the Mobile Usability report, Google Search Console will display the errors recorded with interactive choices to comprehend what the issues are and how to fix them.

Sitelinks Searchbox-

What Is the Sitelinks Searchbox Report in Google Search Console?

In case you’re utilizing site links search box markup, this site interfaces the search box report will show you the exhibition and mistakes related to that markup.

Security and Manual Actions-

With security turning into a developing issue, it does not shock anyone that Google redid Google Search Console to have its section of manual actions and safety. On the off chance that you disregard Google’s rules, you will get a warning in the Manual Actions report.

The Security Issues segment in Google Search Console will let you know whether your site has been hacked or on the off chance that you have malware on your site. Google has also launched a series of videos for Google Search Console. Google will show warnings if they see any issues recognized.

Legacy tools and report-

There are a couple of legacy reports and tools that Google has not declared a swap for yet. There’s no word in the city yet what will befall these reports. They may remain or go.


What Is the Links Report?

Ideally, all sites would have a lot of excellent connections to each page. What’s more, in a genuinely perfect world, our sites would have hyperlinks from enormous websites like CNN, Megabyte, and Search Engine Journal.

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