How Page Speed Affects SEO and How to Improve It


While content marketing, link building, and keyword research are the mainstays of a successful SEO strategy, page speed execution likewise assumes an essential function in your SEO Company Dubai. Numerous individuals – particularly the individuals who are new to digital marketing – become involved with their site’s innovative visual parts. They will most likely overlook the significant specialized parts of their site.

Page Speed Key Statistics You Must Be Aware Of-

In the present relentless online world, over 98% of web clients anticipate that sites should stack in under five seconds. Anything beyond that makes them leave your site and search for different choices (your rivals). Thus, your business loses more leads and deals.

Page Speed Optimization: SEO’s Best Practices-

While the measurements above show the significance of upgrading page speed concerning client experience, it additionally assumes a crucial function in your SEO campaign. In light of the most recent pursuit calculation update, page speed is currently a much huger factor in your search rankings.

Page Speed Test for Mobile and Desktop-

Assessing your site’s speed execution is fundamental to your digital advertising effort. Your site should function admirably over all gadgets or will undoubtedly encounter a negative effect. Make a point to run a speed test on both versatile and work area gadgets.

Here are the 6 most effective ways to improve your page speed performance:

1. Empower Compression-

Most designers today suggest utilizing Gzip for record pressure. This product permits you to diminish the size of your HTML, CCS, and JavaScript documents by more than 150 bytes. Be that as it may, it’s not fitting to utilize this tool on picture documents as it could influence the picture’s general essence.

2. Analyse Your Code-

In some cases, we overlook the least complex subtleties in your code. This incorporates eliminating spaces, commas, and other superfluous characters. Upgrading your code can extraordinarily improve your page speed.

3. Decrease Redirects-

Another factor that influences page speed is the number of side-tracks from your site. When a page side-tracks to another page, it adds another stacking chance to the HTTP worker.

4. Empower Browser Caching-

This progression can improve the general perusing experience. Empowering program reserving permits the framework to store the guest’s program. This implies when they revisit your site, their program doesn’t have to send another HTTP solicitation to the worker.

5. Enhance Server Response Time-

There are a few things you have to check while enhancing your worker reaction time. This incorporates the volume of your webpage traffic, the components utilized for each page, and even your web facilitating stage. Playing out a top to bottom site review is the ideal approach to recognize these presentation barriers.

6. Upgrade Images-

You don’t need to eliminate all the pictures from your site to improve page speed; however, ensure you upgrade them. Something you ought to have under check the format you use for your pictures.


Along with other significant search engines, Google has made more intelligent and stricter principles concerning webpage rankings. They can also undoubtedly recognize spam and other blackhat SEO techniques; it plainly states you ought to streamline both for clients and search engines.

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