The Biggest Contribution of Digital Marketing Services in COVID-19 crises

Digital Marketing Services

Many Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai (Like are contributing by providing different digital marketing services at cheaper rates.

  1. International SEO
  • This is one of the most significant contributions of digital marketing in this global issue of COVID-19. As we can see, more than 80,000 cases are coming daily globally of COVID-19 which is affecting the economy of different companies and also affecting the traffic radically.
  • Through this International SEO feature of Digital Marketing Services, you can increase the traffic of your website quickly (Traffic from other regions also) and makes yourself less dependent on your country’s economy.
  1. Online Transaction
  • As this crisis is going on globally, Banks and ATMs are closed due to lockdown in different cities. Online transaction plays an essential role in that as you can do the transaction in this time at your home safely and securely. Governments of different states in different countries are making budgets and sending relief funds to poor families through an online medium.
  1. Email Marketing 

This is one of the most vital features which comes under digital marketing services.

  • When we talk about marketing and business, communication is one of the considerable measures which we consider as we need to build good relations with our customers and should have a good interaction with them. You can send emails personally and professionally to your customers and tell them about your business and by showing them that your business is addressing the crises.

Many Web Hosting Service Providers provide this feature for free or some of them costs you money for the same.

  1. Advertisement Strategy
  • Today there are a lot of paid ads services provided by different marketing agencies at cheaper rates than that of the previous time. Because of this COVID-19 virus, we are spending more time online than ever before due to which many companies such as Netflix have reduced their Stream Quality.
  1. Brands rely on Digital Marketing now
  • After these crises happened, the average number of internet users increased to 4.5 billion internet subscribers daily, and internet usage increased by 50-70%. Different brands and businesses are promoting themselves with the use of digital marketing and its strategies by making an advertisement, including the tags of social distancing, stay home and stay safe. Offline promotion of brands through banners etc. has been stopped due to these crises. But they can do that digitally. is providing digital marketing services through which you can promote and expertise your brands. 
  1. Online Education
  • Lockdowns are going on in different cities and countries because of which schools, colleges and many different universities get closed.

Exams and Academic classes are running digitally through online platforms which are using digital marketing services to promote their website. You can do online classes, and can opt for different certification courses.

  1. Web Hosting and Web development
  • Many offline businesses which get closed due to these crises, are now running it online because of these features provided by digital marketing, the business owners choose web designers to make their website for their particular business and then can buy a host from web hosting service providers at cheaper rates. Both of these services are provided by Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai (

Note: You can hire a Digital Marketing Company for your Business by comparing it with different agencies.


As the number of Coronavirus victims is increasing daily, it may take a few more months to get the situation better as before. You have much time for yourself now than ever before. So utilize your time, make your way for your career with the use of digital marketing, start a new business, job etc. Follow Social Distancing, Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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