Top 21 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Brands Are Still Making In 2021

Digital Marketing Mistakes

Irrespective of the category of your business, digital marketing is a core part of your marketing. Do you know an average person who spares his/her 6 hours online? Due to this pandemic, remote work is getting hits and all this happens due to online ways.  To stand in the online competition, it is necessary to build your name in the online market. In this article, we will discuss 22 digital marketing mistakes.

Below are 22 Digital Marketing Mistakes

Common Digital marketing mistakes;

#1 Undefined Target Audience

Target audience is everything. If you don’t focus on defining who will be your target audience, then you will be lagging in several areas. So, it is relevant to define your target audience first.You don;t need to blindly guess your target audience. For this, you can create customer personas. You can simply start from demographics but you need more than that.

#2 Not Testing Enough

Testing allows you to know where you are currently lying and where you have to be. Not testing your You should deploy split tests in your campaigns. Almost every other big company does a lot of split-testing in order to ensure they are doing it right or not.

#3 Not Staying Organized

The organization is very needed in every marketing aspect. You have to document your strategy and then maintaining a content calendar can really help in Digital Marketing Mistakes.

#4 Ignoring SEO

If you are in the digital business, then don’t forget to use SEO. With SEO you can improve your company’s ranking. Even small to small companies these days are deploying SEO to stay in the competition.

#5 Not Being Data-Driven

Is it accurate to say that you are moving the correct way or do you need to roll out any improvements in your mission? The greatest bit of leeway that you have in computerized advertising over regular showcasing is the sort of personalization you can do and the measure of information that you can gather to gauge your mission. Ensure you utilize the force of information to support your promoting

#6 Avoiding Social Media

Almost every other person these days is using an android phone and they are using social media platforms too. It gives a chance for your business to stay connected with relevant people that can add some value to your business.

But these days some businesses are ignoring social media. Do you know even some people don’t even create their social media accounts as well? 

And even some people have set their accounts but they are not posting any content on that.

#7 Not Investing in Content

Content is everything in online marketing. According to Demand Metric, content marketing can generate 3 times more leads than traditional marketing.

For this you have to focus on what your content type should be.

#8 Wrong Content Distribution Strategy

Generally, people use different platforms for sharing content. Some people believe blog sharing is sufficient but if you share blog posts and infographics, then it can attract more customers.

#9 Emphasis on Quantity instead of Quality

Many businesses rely on giving quantity but they forget about quality. They believe that if they publish more content, their content gets easily indexed by Google.

And they will achieve more traffic. But instead of publishing more quantity one must focus on creating quality.

#10 Ignoring Mobile

Do you think that people use desktops and PCs everytime when they want to access some information? Not really. Some marketers ignore mobile optimization but it is very much important.

#11 Ignoring Videos

Video can attract users’ attention. Youtube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, Facebook, Instagram are all advertising videos more on their platforms, and with increasing internet speeds, people are spending more time watching videos than ever. But some advertisers are not using videos. But the main thing is most marketers realize the value of video marketing. Many people are consuming content in the form of:-

  1. Videos on Youtube
  2. Stories 
  3. Webinars 
  4. Live to stream 

#12 Missing Out on Viral Loops

Many people who are into marketing for a long period know this. The method of using your current users/customers for inviting your next customers is called viral. It’s growth hacking. But some people forget to apply this technique.

#13 Doing Everything Yourself

When you don’t hire people to let your work be done, you get overburden by the work.

This will eventually affect the results to a great extent. For achieving good results, you must hire experts. This will save your time and even outcomes get enhanced. 

#14 Not Creating Subscriber Lists

When anyone reads some informational blog on your website, then you can create a subscriber list. That person has read your blog if they found something relevant in it.

 So ask people to subscribe, and have a marketing strategy that assists them in the future.

#15 Spamming the Inboxes

One should clearly understand the difference between spamming the mail and email marketing. People receive thousands of such emails so you should be very specific about what you are going to send them. 

#16 Not focusing on Customer Retention

People believe in acquiring new customers rather than focusing on retaining the old one. This should be prioritized; retaining old customers is also important.

#17 Wrong KPIs

Identifying the right KPI for your business is very much crucial. Lets us take an example: 

In order to increase engagement on your website, then tracking bounce rate , returning customers should be considered than the total traffic. 

#18 Avoiding Abandoned Carts :

Some customers add their products in their cart but they don’t make a purchase.What would be the reasons for these abandoned carts.

Being a marketer, it’s your responsibility to make it as easy as possible for people to checkout, only ask for information that is required. Don’t force account creation, just create an account by default if you want. 

#19 Not Measuring ROI

When you don’t measure ROI, you are not in the race.

There are a lot of questions that need to be asked before practicing marketing tactics.

  • What is the total cost spent on marketing?
  • What outcomes  are you expecting?
  • What’s the return over your investment ?

#20 Not Being Agile

Marketing tactics are made every year, but customers are evolving every day, Your digital marketing mistakes consider various aspects like what’s your competitor doing, and how is the ecosystem evolving. 

#21 Avoiding Marketing Automation

If you avoid marketing automation, you have to spend time on activities that are repetitive. For this you can deploy Google sheets, Zapier or even you can hire us.  

#22 Avoiding Collaboration

Some brands ignore doing collaborations with others. You can accept and write guest blogs. This ensures to grab additional visibility. You can this way build trust with the audience. 

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have discussed the top 22 digital marketing mistakes that brands are still making in 2021. We hope this blog works for you. If you are facing any issue, ask us freely in the comment box.

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