8 Tips to Start Programmatic Advertising in 2020

Programmatic Advertising

These days programmatic advertising is getting popular. Every business person wants to generate more and more leads. Ads can be an additional source of generating customers and sales. There are so many ways and techniques to run programmatic advertising. But the thing is, beware of getting fooled by this. Programmatic advertising allows advertisers to target their customers by considering different parameters. It also has a lot of challenges that need to be fixed. Before going so deep, we need to understand first what programmatic advertising is?

“ The way of displaying ads on digital media that helps out in automating the media buying process so that conversion rates take a spike to the next level.”

To do successful programmatic advertising, you need appropriate tools to get work done with your budget. It is a data-driven system.

In this blog, we will share 8 tips to start programmatic advertising in 2020.

Use of right DSP and SSP

Demand-side platforms and server-side platforms are two leading platforms that matter in programmatic advertising. The main thing of concern is that making these platforms helps you in connecting to the appropriate network. I mean, they have already blacklist sites. They help you in ensuring that your ads are displaying on the right channel, which is under consideration.

Set a goal of the campaign

Focus on your goal. Setting up the goal can help you a lot in achieving what you want to achieve. I mean, if you have a low budget, but on the other hand you want more conversion rates, TV ads connection is not relevant in such a case. But in the other scenario, if the goal is merely to increase awareness and most probably to educate the audience then, TV connection to advertisement plays a great job here.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

See, sometimes asking is better than staying quiet. It clarifies your doubt to a great extent. There are some relevant questions that you need to ask before indulging your website into programmatic advertising. You don’t need to be scared. Following questions are relevant if you have hired some agency for programmatic advertising:

  • What should be different variables on which my bid relies?
  • What are your different ads exchange partners?
  • How much access is available to me for third-party data sources?
  • Do you work with DSP?
  • What is preferred by your team: fixed CPM or dynamic CPM?

Then once you’ve selected a partner. Stay consistent with leaning on your partner representative to assist you in promoting and optimizing your campaigns. Try to ask for insight from other companies’ campaigns. What have they noticed, either enhancement or mitigation on your site?

Integration of CRM

Customer relationship management plays a vital role in programmatic advertising. It is the best way of conversion of leads. CRM can help in analyzing customers by checking out their regular activities. It takes a step closer to making new customers.

Work on brand safety

Programmatic advertising mainly needs to focus on brand safety by showing the relevant kind of ads. Make your if you are using an agency that helps you in improving brand value. Keep yourself aware regarding the demand side blacklist is upgraded. It should be monitored for invaluable sites. Brand value is also determined by white lists. It will help you in taking a step closer to the audience.

Know your target audience

Always remember for whom you are working? Keep in mind the target audience. What kind of people are interested in your website? Be specific regarding ads. I mean, it is irrelevant if you post ads that make no sense. Let us suppose, if you are having a website of traveling and tourism, it makes useless if the ads over your site are about technology. Keep in mind what content the audience wants to see.

Like on the traveling website, if the ads appearing are of music and fashion, it will attract customers.

Ads should be engaging and simple

See what Google demands simplicity and accuracy. So make sure what you are delivering should be relevant and straightforward. Make sure a lot of mess in ads can destroy your brand reputation. Ads should be created in such a way that it will help in indulging the potential customers. Customers feel touched with the content positively. Use the right kind of photos and videos that increase your value in the market. Important points to keep in mind while creating ads.

  • Simple ads are a priority.
  • If you add images, it will be a plus point.
  • Don’t copy anything.
  • Ads should be sensible.
  • It should not give the wrong message.
  • It should target conversion rates.

Be attentive to the changes

Programmatic advertising is a technology-based automated process. It is so vital that you should keep your eyes open regarding different strategies. So that in the future, if there is a need for modification, time to time optimization can be achieved. You should regularly need to evaluate the metrics. I mean, there should be regular quality checks. After that, bids are managed. Bids are needed to enhance the overall performance of programmatic advertising.


Digital marketing is not a small term. In digital marketing, several things are involved ranging from SEO to Programmatic advertising. There are some strategies, some tips that are a must to achieve success in the digital media field.

So, in this article, I have tried to give a quick tour of the 8 tips to start programmatic advertising in 2020. Don’t get scared; at some point, you need to start. Focus on your goals, and you will be able to achieve success soon. In this blog, we have discussed tips for programmatic advertising. If there is any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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