10 Questions to Ask Potential SEO Clients

10 Questions to Ask Potential SEO Clients

Is it true that you are showing your SEO ability? Show your potential SEO clients that you realize what you’re doing by asking most (or the entirety) of these inquiries. 

Ensure you’re posing enough inquiries – and the correct ones. 

That may appear to be outlandish, however, think about this: 

There’s a decent possibility that business doesn’t comprehend the genuine intensity of SEO, or why it’s significant to their general business methodology. 

Just 36% of private ventures (the most well-known kind of business out there) had an SEO strategy in 2019, as indicated by Clutch. 

However simultaneously, Forrester found that 71% of purchasers were going first to web indexes while investigating new items or administrations. 

Here are 29 inquiries to pose to likely customers to get their riggings turning about how SEO can support their business (while demonstrating you know precisely what you’re doing!). 

Gathering the Information 

There is a propensity to keep away from approaching an excessive number of inquiries because of a paranoid fear of ticking the customer off before you’ve even gotten an opportunity to get your hands messy. 

In the event that you aren’t posing enough inquiries toward the start, you won’t have a grip on what a business needs to prevail in the SERPs. 

You can solicit some from these things in an eye to eye meeting, via telephone, or by means of Skype or Zoom. 

Different inquiries, for example, requiring thought or length, are best sent to the customer by means of email so they can offer criticism whenever it might suit them. 

To keep it speedy and straightforward as workable for the customer, I like to utilize Google Sheets. 


It’s anything but difficult to share through the connection. 

You can connect to it from different records (like your proposition, for instance). 

Updates are spared progressively. Different individuals can alter simultaneously with no contention. No compelling reason to download, open, and spare as you do with Excel. 

The first round of inquiries is for likely customers. Let down I’ve recorded some more Qs to ask once the customer has made all necessary endorsements. 

1. May I Have Access to the Following Items? 

I generally prefer to access these apparatuses as quickly as time permits. 

  • Site CMS 
  • Blog CMS 
  • Google Search Console 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Ads 

Perhaps not, yet there’s a ton of valuable information in there which could enable you to comprehend what sort of search questions perform best. 

Utilizing that data, you can all the more likely develop a methodology for the natural side of things. 

Potential customers may be hesitant to give you access to those records from the start. On the off chance that they are, I attempt to clarify why it’s significant. 

A couple of lines I like to include: 

  • Assembling an SEO strategy without information resembles playing nail the tail to the jackass. 
  • An all-encompassing image of the business from the beginning is the most ideal path for me to make sense of what’s new with your positions presently. 
  • It will assist me with picking up bits of knowledge into what we have to do to get you where you need to be. 

2. What Are Your Main Goals and KPIs? 

You will probably have a smart thought of what their objectives and KPIs ought to be. Be that as it may, explicit replies answers to this inquiry can demonstrate edifying. 

This data will give you the ideas expected to enable the customer to comprehend if their objectives and KPIs are reasonable and reachable. 

3. What Is Your Current ROI and Goal ROI? 

A few organizations won’t realize how to answer this. 

That is OK. 

Be that as it may, in the event that they do, it will give you a decent comprehension of how well they are getting along with their present arrangement, and the amount you could improve it. Attempt to discover their normal client procurement cost and, preferably, have it separated by showcasing channel. 

This may reveal the requirement for a change following the survey and review which you should incorporate with your proposition. 

4. Who Is Your Ideal Customer? 

Become acquainted with the key socioeconomics and psychographics. 

When you get your hands grimy with your exploration, you may find a totally different objective client in an undiscovered market. 

At that point, they’ll greet you into the group wholeheartedly! 

5. Which Countries would you say you are Targeting? 

In the event that the potential customer is anticipating global control, you’ll need to penetrate down on their need geolocations. 

This could open up ideas on your office giving multilingual SEO (if that is something you do). 

Giving a bit of assistance at this stage goes far too building trust and guaranteeing the customer picks you over your rivals. 

6. What Is Your Main USP? (Exceptional Selling Point) 

This is something you can likely work out for yourself. On the off chance that it’s muddled, inquire. I like to discover what it is the customer thinks makes them stand apart from their rivals. 

As a major aspect of your consultancy offering, you could discuss ways they can all the more likely influence their USPs. Think about additionally inquiring: 

How might you assist them in utilizing their interesting highlights? 

Does the substance of their presentation pages yell about their USPs? 

Is it true that they are utilizing USPs in their metadata to win higher CTR from the SERPs? 

7. Who Do You Consider to Be Your Main Competitors? 

You’ll have done your measure of due constancy, however, it’s in every case great to see who the customer thinks their rivals are. 

Social affair this data implies you can include more benchmarks and furthermore teach the customer on who their potential SEO clients depend on the information you have arranged. 

8. What Other Marketing Verticals Are You Investing In? 

Discover what sort of advertising blend they have in place. Ideally, you’ll need to realize the amount they are spending on every vertical. Getting that sort of data before your cooperation starts is somewhat similar to pulling teeth. 

I like to ask the amount they are devoting to conventional promoting, for example, paper/magazine advertising. It’s continually fascinating to perceive what number of organizations are as yet focusing on (nearly) immense verticals! 

9. Who Was Your Previous or Current SEO Agency Dubai

Realizing who was running the SEO Agency show in the past could give you a few bits of knowledge into what has been going on, and the guidelines at which they were conveyed. 

It’s likewise acceptable to know whether you’re their first raid into the domain of SEO Dubai. All things considered, you should seriously think about contacting the old office/specialist and ask them a couple of inquiries about what working with the organization resembles. 

10. Are There Any SEO-Related Documents We Can See? 

This inquiry may cause a stir. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you won’t ask, you won’t get. Inquire as to whether the organization can send you any old records that it is possible that they or another person has been chipping away at with respect to search engine optimization

That may include: 

  • Research of Keywords. 
  • Execution reports and measurements. 
  • Procedure briefs. 
  • Old publication schedules.

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